By day I’m a marketer, writer and designer – utilizing the creativity which flows through my veins. But once the five o’clock whistle blows, I transform into my alter self – husband, friend, uncle, homeowner, handyman, and yes, blogger.

Our lives are chaotic, which oftentimes causes us to overlook our accomplishments and instead focus on our perceived shortcomings – something I admit I’m guilty of.

We’re rarely called upon to write a biography about ourselves, our abilities and our accomplishments. While such a practice might be commonplace for those appearing in a theatrical playbill, for the ordinary people of the world there just never seems to be a need.

But as I sat down to complete this section of The View from Here, I discovered something I hadn’t realized before – I’ve done a lot in my life. While they may not be noteworthy in the judgmental eyes of society, for me they were almost a tool for one’s self-esteem – confirming what we frequently ignore. I think everyone should take the time to write a short bio about themselves – you might just discover you’ve done more with your life than you thought.

I’ve worked Off-Broadway in New York City as a Stage Manager, have written dozens of compositions at my piano (one of which was awarded and released) and had over one hundred editorial columns published in a large weekly newspaper entitled The Leader (which sadly is no longer in circulation).

I’ve received industry awards for my efforts in marketing, writing and designing, have written a pair of full-length screenplays (one of which was a finalist in WriteMovies.com’s annual competition) and am still feverishly at work trying to complete the great American novel.

In the summer of 2014, my wife and I moved our lives from New Jersey to Colorado to be closer to family. It has been an incredible, and sometimes uncomfortable, adjustment after almost four decades in the same spot. But with each passing day we find ourselves feeling more and more at home. A big risk? Absolutely. But sometimes you need to shake things up in order to grow and strive for new accomplishments.

Beyond all the professional accomplishments I’ve listed above, my greatest joy comes from the amazing woman I’ve had the good fortune to share my life with since our wedding in 2001. She is my inspiration, my constant cheerleader and the one person who accepts me 100% unconditionally. She is incredibly patient (I’m high maintenance) and whatever success the future holds for me, it would be meaningless without her to share it with.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions – I’d be happy to answer them.